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 East Side Sierra Shuttle

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This video relates the history of the High Sierra Trail in beautiful
images and informative narration. It details how the trail was built
and who made the decisions that preserved this wonderful part
of our national heritage as wilderness forever for
the enjoyment of future generations!

Click here to read an interesting article on how the requirements on human food storage are working to return the Yosemite bears to their natural wild diet.

This is an interesting article, illustrated by beautiful images of the dry Owens Lakebed taken from a helicopter, about the history and geography of the Owens Valley and its relationship with Los Angeles.

Click here for an excellent list of tips to extend the life of a battery charge in your phone.

California's Pink Salt Lakes
Last summer many of you asked what caused the red coloration on the salt flats of the dry Owens Lake. Clicking the link above will take you to an informative article which will answer your questions and provide a lot more information besides.

The short answer is halophilic (salt loving) bacteria, not algae, which causes the red tide in the Red Sea. I guessed algae in answer to many of you last summer. That was not correct. The red and pink in the salt flats here are from bacteria which thrive in waters of high salt concentration. This is explained in detail in the article linked to above.

This place offers a wealth of information.

A trail journal from
Crescent Meadow to Whitney Portal.

This place offers a wealth of information too.

Middle Rae Lake In a Good Flower Year

Reds Meadow Pack Station and Resort

Vermillion Valley Resort

Muir Trail Ranch

Florence Lake and the Florence Lake Ferry

Rabbitbrush in bloom along the Onion Valley Road

A Trail Journal from Onion Valley to Florence Lake

A Late Summer Sunset from the East Side Sierra Shuttle Yard

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